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Prepare for the Rainy Season with Heavy Rainfalls and Typhoons

    From summer to fall is when heavy rainfalls may occur, caused from the rainy season or tsuyu and typhoons.

    When heavy rainfall occurs, there is a risk of flooding of rivers. When rivers flood, it can cause roads to be covered in water, houses to be flooded, flooding of basements and underground establishments. There will also be a higher risk of landslides.

   When it starts to rain or when lightning is approaching, carefully listen to the weather information and avoid dangerous places like rivers and cliffs. Please evacuate to a safe place.

   In addition to heavy rain, natural disasters such as earthquakes can occur unexpectedly. In order to stay calm in a "what if…" situation, please be aware of your nearest shelter, decide on emergency contacts, and prepare in advance.


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Fire and Disaster Management Bureau
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