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2016 Matsuri Minami Festival

The Matsuri Minami Festival is a major summer event held in Kokuraminami ward.

There will be lots of things to do and see, including the “Handmade Children’s Mikoshi (portable shrine) Competition” where children from various school districts within the ward will carry their handmade mikoshi in a parade; the “Minami Ward - Festival Town” where people from the area will show off the region’s unique characteristics by displaying and selling various special products and agricultural produce from the region.

For the finale, there will be the sou-odori dance which is planned to have near 2,000 participants and a fireworks display with nearly 1,000 shells to be fired.

We hope you enjoy socializing with the local people and can discover the different charms of Kokuraminami ward through this event.

Date and time:
August 20th (Sat.)
4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Shiikoen, Kokuraminami ward
(*the event will be postponed in the event of a stormy weather.)

Contact information:
Matsuri Minami Executive Committee Office
(Part of the Kokuraminami Ward Office Community Support Division)
TEL: 093-951-4111 (ext. 266)
※Japanese only

The festival is wrapped up with a large fireworks finale
The festival is wrapped up with a large fireworks finale


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