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Matsuri Kigyosai Yahata: the city’s biggest festival, brightening up autumn

Kigyosai will be held from November 4th to 6th around the Otani Baseball Ground. There will be stage shows by Sunplaza Nakano-kun and Yusuke Tominaga, DrunK!, a Hawaiian Festival, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kitakyushu’s local idols and much more.

In the food zone, there will be an exhibition of local foods and products, a mobile kitchen festival, Yahata Sweets Marche selling original Kigyosai sweets, and lots of other delicious products on display.

There will be the customary Kigyosai dance, an ultra 25-hour Ekiden relay dance competition, karaoke challenge, and more. There will be around 300 different stalls, and the event will be wrapped up with a big fireworks finale.

Regarding this year’s steel works tour, an excursion to the Tobata facility is scheduled for the first time in two years. The hot-rolling plant will serve as the tour course, where the compelling process of a bright red iron stretch on a thin plate can be observed.

Please come along and enjoy an authentic Japanese autumn festival.

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Matsuri Kigyosai Yahata
Matsuri Kigyosai Yahata


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