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Kitakyushu’s Civil Protection Efforts

 “Civil protection” refers to the systems established to protect people’s lives and property in the event that Japan is the target of a missile attack, terrorism, etc.
 In Kitakyushu, to facilitate evacuation, rescue and minimize damage, the Kitakyushu Civil Protection Plan has been made.
 In the event that evacuation is necessary, notifications will be issued through TV, radio and the Kitakyushu homepage.Please follow the directions given by city personnel, fire fighters and fire brigade members, and evacuate to the specified evacuation site.
 Also, when evacuating, make sure to tell other people in your neighborhood to evacuate too, and also always carry personal identification such as a driver’s license or residence card.
 Lists of evacuation sites are available at ward offices. They can also be viewed on the Kitakyushu homepage.

Contact information:
Kitakyushu Crisis Management Department, Crisis Management Division
TEL: (093) 582-2110
URL: link)


International Policy Division,
Planning and Coordination Bureau,
1-1 Jonai, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu 803-8501 JAPAN
Tel: 093-582-2146
(International Calling +81-93-582-2146)
Fax: 093-582-2176