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The correct way to call 119

If you find a fire or a person in need of immediate medical attention, seek the aid of people nearby.
Find someplace that is safe, don’t panic and call 119. Please remain calm and answer questions clearly.
First, tell the operator whether there is a fire or a medical emergency.
Next, tell the operator the address for your location.
If you don't know the specific address for where you are, then give a nearby landmark (an intersection, station, bus stop, department store, etc.).
Finally, tell the operator your name and phone number.

*When calling 119, please try to have someone who speaks Japanese make the call.
When a person who does not speak Japanese calls, foreign language support will be provided with an audio guide similar to what is written below. Please answer slowly and clearly.

Audio guidance overview:
1 You will be asked what language you speak (English, Korean or Chinese).
2 You will be asked whether there is a fire or a medical emergency. Answer clearly whether it is a fire or a medical emergency.
3 You will be asked if there is a Japanese person or someone who speaks Japanese nearby.
4 You will be asked your location. If you know the address, please give your address. If you don’t know the address please give a nearby landmark instead.

A reference website about calling 119. (Japanese only)


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