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Wakamatsu Hydrangea Festival

Mt. Takato is known throughout Fukuoka Prefecture for the number of hydrangeas (around 67,800), and this year it will be holding its 18th Wakamatsu Hydrangea Festival!!

During the festival there will be stage events, a model garden and hydrangea cutting classes, as well as a gardener’s flea market, a pressed flower postcard making class, stores, goods stalls and other such events going on.

Please come along and try out what’s on offer for yourself!

・Date: June 18th (Sat.) and 19th (Sun.)
 10:00 a.m. ~ 04:00 p.m. for both days
・Venue: Around Mt. Takato Park and Sato Park
 (Kitakyushu Wakamatsu Ward Oaza Sutara)
・In order to respond to potential traffic congestion, the parking lot on the summit of the mountains will be closed off on the day of the event. For the purpose of regulating the traffic flow on Mt. Takato trails, only authorized vehicles will be able to pass through. If you can, please use public transport when coming to the venue, and the free shuttle bus.

Contact information:
Kitakyushu Wakamatsu Ward Office General Planning Division
TEL: (093) 761-5321 (Ext. 262)Japanese only

Mt. Takato’s Hydrangeas and the Wakato Bridge


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