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Special Benefits for Child Rearing Households

In order to mitigate the effects of the recent consumption tax increase, benefit payments will be paid to families eligible to receive special benefits for child rearing households. (During the 2015 fiscal year, you can still be eligible for child-rearing benefits even if you are receiving temporary welfare benefits. Please note that the application period and process for the above-mentioned child-rearing benefit and welfare benefit are different.)

Those eligible will, around the end of May, receive a copy of the details of their child-rearing allowance along with an application form for the temporary benefit. Civil Servants will receive their application forms directly from their office.

You must apply in order to receive the benefit. Be sure to make your application along with your normal child-rearing allowance within the application period.

Application period: June 1st 2015 (Tue) – December 1st 2015 (Tue)

Contact: Special Benefits for Child Rearing Households Call Center
       PH: 093-582-2752


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