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The 2016 28th Tobata Iris Festival Information

There will be 50 varieties and 20,000 iris flowers in full beautiful bloom at the Tobata Iris Festival held at Yomiya Park in Tobata ward. This year, at the “Gourmet of the World vs. Gourmet of Kitakyushu”, there will be ten shops selling food including local Tobata fried champon, Yahata gyoza, Kokura marucho, Turkish kebabs and Vietnamese pho. In addition, there will be a bazaar, stage events, a flea market, games and much more. There will be lots of things for both children and adults to enjoy.

Come by and enjoy the beauty of the blooming irises as well as Japan's unique food culture!

Date and Time: June 4th (Sat.) to June 5th (Sun.) from 11:00 a.m. ~ 4:00 p.m.
Location: Yomiya Park

Contact information:
Tobata Iris Festival Executive Committee Office
TEL: (093) 871-1501 (Ext. 261)
URL: (external link) Japanese only

Tobata Iris Festival
Tobata Iris Festival


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