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The Implementation of the ‘My Number’ System has Begun

・The ‘My Number’ system serves as a social infrastructure in order to construct an equal and transparent society by making various administrative processes more convenient and effective.

・As of October 2015, the 12-digit ‘My Numbers’ (or Individual Numbers) have been notified to resident foreigners (including mid-term and special permanent residents) with residence certificates (Jūminhyō), and starting from January 2016, these numbers can be used in administrative proceedings related to social security, taxation, and disaster response. Offering one’s ‘My Number’ to others for any purpose that has not been authorized by the law is not acceptable.

・‘My Number’ is valid throughout one’s lifetime. Please handle it with care.

・For detailed information, please refer to the homepage available in multiple languages, or contact the call center below.

Homepage (external link):

Call Center (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese):
・Regarding the ‘My Number’ system:
 0120-0178-26 (toll free)
・Regarding ‘Notification Cards’, ‘My Number Cards (Individual Number Cards)’, or to temporarily suspend lost or stolen ‘My Number Cards’:
 0120-0178-27 (toll free)
・For all other enquiries:
 0570-20-0291 (toll charge)


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