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The 29th Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival

The Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival is one of the largest fireworks festivals in western Japan and approximately 15,000 shells will be launched along the coasts of Moji ward in Kitakyushu and Shimonoseki city in Yamaguchi prefecture. The festival is held every year on August 13th and this year marks the festival’s 29th anniversary. The large and spectacular fireworks that seem to battle in the sky create a brilliant display at night over the Kanmon Strait and remind everyone that it is summer.

Each year 1.1 million people are entranced with the magnificent display of light created by Kyushu’s greatest pyro-technicians. The majority of the expenses are covered by money from supporters and fundraising, so a great deal of thanks goes to those who provided their support! Make sure to come and see the drama of light that will unfold on the Kanmon Strait on the night of August 13th!

Date and Time: August 13th (Sat.) 7:40 p.m. to 8:40 p.m.
Locations: around west coast of Moji ward, Kitakyushu

Contact information:
Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival Executive Committee Moji
TEL: (093) 331-8781
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Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival
Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival


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