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About Kitakyushu Film Commission’s Activities

In hopes to create a positive image of the city through various television programmes and other media outlets, Kitakyushu City has been conducting a number of support activities from 1989, in attempt to attract film, drama and commercial makers to shoot on location throughout the city.

This activity has been conducted by an organization called “Kitakyushu Film Commission (KFC)”.

More than 190 films and television dramas have been supported by the organization up until now, and currently, Kitakyushu City has come to be known as a ‘movie town’ by many people.

Please refer below for Kitakyushu Film Commission’s English homepage, where it introduces Commission’s different activities.

“Kitakyushu Film Commission official website”

Contact information:
Kitakyushu Film Commission Office
TEL: (093) 582-2389

Kitakyushu Film Commission
Kitakyushu Film Commission


International Policy Division,
Planning and Coordination Bureau,
1-1 Jonai, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu 803-8501 JAPAN
Tel: 093-582-2146
(International Calling +81-93-582-2146)
Fax: 093-582-2176