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JUMPINGFes2015 Kokura Creators’ Market is Open!

JUMPINGFes2015 Kokura Creators’ ☆ Market is going to be held, with the running theme of “of the creators, by the creators, for the creators” convention.

On the day, various genres of original goods such as arts and crafts, as well as food products made by creators will be on display and will be available for purchase. Also, workshops for making accessories and other small items, and a special 3D printer demonstration corner will be substantially offered. Dynamic stage performances including live arts and fashion shows are planned as well.

There are no borders for the sense of awe one is struck with from the “creation of goods”. Please come along to this event and experience the creators’ worldview through their artistic creation and innovation, and take part in the wide range of creating goods.

Date and Time: September 26 (Sat.) 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
       September 27 (Sun.) 10:00 am to 5:00p.m.
Venue: Event Hall, Main Building, West Japan General Exhibition Center
(Kitakyushu Kokurakita-ku Asano 3 Chome, 8-1)

■Contact Information:
Kokura Dream Executive Committee, JUMPINGFes Subcommittee
(Part of the Kokurakita Ward Office General Affairs and Planning Division) 
TEL: (093) 582-3335

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JUMPINGFes2015 Kokura Creators’ ☆ Market
JUMPINGFes2015 Kokura Creators’ ☆ Market


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