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Workshop by Alex Baladi - a Swiss Comic Artist

Alex Baladi is a Swiss comic artist specializing in the Franco-Belgian comics.

Baladi is active in the magazine sector, and he has also designed numerous posters as well as advertisement illustrations and CD covers.

On the day of the workshop, the participants will get the chance to produce their own works by following the ‘rules’ set and announced by the instructor.

The instructor will give explanations in French (there will be a Japanese interpreter).

・Date: April 24th (Sun.) 2016
・Time: 4:00 p.m. ~ 5:30 p.m.
・Venue: Kitakyushu Manga Museum Exhibition Room Event Corner
  (Kokurakita-ku Asano 2 Chome, 14-5 - Aru Aru City 6th Floor)
・Participation Fee: Free (there is a fee, however to enter the Exhibition Room)
  General Admission: 400 yen, Junior and High School Students: 200 yen, Elementary School Students: 100 yen
・Hosted by: Kitakyushu Manga Museum and Institut Français Japon - Kyushu
・Sponsored by: Embassy of Switzerland, Japan

Contact information:
Kitakyushu Manga Museum
TEL: 093-512-5077
※Japanese only

Alex Baladis’ work gribouillis
Alex Baladis’ work gribouillis


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