Please Keep Your Water Pipes from Freezing!

In January 2016, Kitakyushu was hit by a blizzard, which caused many of the frozen water pipes to burst, resulting in water leakage. Water leakage doesn’t simply mean precious water going to waste; but also causes unnecessary high water bills. You shall be responsible for the maintenance of the water pipes in your property, and it is important to take necessary precautions and prevent the pipes from freezing.

How to Prevent Water Pipes from Freezing

・Checking the Main Valve

First, make sure you know where the main valve (the shutoff valve) for your water service is located. The main valve is inside your water meter box. You can turn off the water by turning valve clockwise.

Checking the Main Valve
  • Keeping Water Pipes Warm

    1. Cover up the exposed pipes with insulation tubes. Insulation tubes can be purchased at various home depot stores.

    2. Your water heater also needs to be correctly equipped. Please contact your manufacturer for detailed information.

    3. Keep your water meter warm by using plastic bags filled with sand or cloth. Water meters in apartment complexes also need to be insulated (as illustrated below).

Keeping Water Pipes Warm1
Keeping Water Pipes Warm2
Keeping Water Pipes Warm3

・Stockpiling Water In Case of Emergencies

If the weather forecast predicts cold weather below freezing, stockpile water assuming that you may not be supplied with water from frozen water pipes. Furthermore, you can also prevent your water pipes from freezing by turning on the tap frequently.

Stockpiling Water In Case of Emergencies

What to do if your water pipe freezes

Cover up your water pipe with a towel or cloth before you turn on the tap, then thaw the pipe by slowing pouring lukewarm water over it. Cover the freezing water pipes with towels or clothes and open water taps, then pour the lukewarm water all over them slowly.

※Never pour hot water as this will damage the pipes by causing it to burst.

What to do if your water pipe freezes

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