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Ties with Asian Countries

The Organization for East Asia Economic Development

In 1991, prior to the start of the ‘age of local autonomy’,‘The East Asian Pan-Yellow Sea City Conference’ was initiated by six major cities in Japan, China and Korea that faced the Yellow Sea. This organization was subsequently enlarged to include ten member cities and led a huge trend of promoting cooperation between member cities.
The ten member cities are, besides Kitakyushu, Shimonoseki City and Fukuoka City in Japan, Tianjin City, Dalian City, Qingdao City and Yantai City in China, and Incheon Metropolitan City, Pusan Metropolitan City and Ulsan Metropolitan City in Korea.
The Pan-Yellow Sea Economic Region is an important part of East Asia, which has become the core of the world economy; the region has developed remarkably in recent years. In keeping with this trend, the Conference secured the cooperation of the economic world and was reorganized and renamed as 'The Organization for East Asia Economic Development,' which commenced activities in 2004. It built up a platform for economic exchange with other Yellow-Sea rim cities.
The aim of this new organization is to extend business opportunities and activate exchange among Yellow-Sea rim cities. The organization set up four sections, manufacturing, environment, distribution and sightseeing, to conduct specific respective economic activities.

Member cities of organization for East Asia Economic Development
Member cities of organization for East Asia Economic Development

Kitakyushu Trade and Investment One-Stop Service (KTI) Center

In accordance with the internationalization of the economy, business exchange with other countries have been further promoted. Also, the needs of respective enterprises are not limited to the procurement of parts and materials from overseas countries; rather they are enlarged to include activities generated from unprecedented points of view, such as market extension and technical cooperation. Along with these changes in the international business environment, we have established the 'Kitakyushu Trade and Investment One-Stop Service (KTI) Center' to provide consultation service offered jointly by the Kitakyushu Office of JETRO, the Kitakyushu Foreign Trade Association and the Kitakyushu Municipal Government, and to offer a higher level of support to enterprises.
These three organizations aim to improve user convenience by unifying contacts, cooperating in the promotion of international trade and attracting investment from overseas companies.

Kitakyushu Trade and Investment One-Stop Service (KTI) Center
Kitakyushu Trade and Investment One-Stop Service (KTI) Center

Kitakyushu Business Promotion Offices in Dalian and Shanghai

To promote economic exchange with China, the City of Kitakyushu has opened economic and cultural exchange offices in Dalian City and Shanghai City. Both offices place greatest emphasis on promoting international economic activities and supporting of enterprises relating to overseas trade, while assisting in the invitation of shipping routes to Kitakyushu City, arrangements for collecting cargo, and business meetings.

Streets in Shanghai City
Streets in Shanghai City

Environmental Cooperation Network of Cities

To effectively promote international cooperation on environmental problems, Kitakyushu is driving forward cooperative activities by using a network of related cities. We have established the Environmental Cooperation Network of Asian Cities with six cities in four Asian countries, and at the same time are participating in the activities of the Kitakyushu Initiative Network and ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, while carrying out cooperative activities to preserve regional environments.

TV conference on environmental-related fields
TV conference on environmental-related fields


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