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UFUltrafiltration (UF) Membrane System

UF membranes eliminate bacteria and other particles from seawater.

UF Membrane Module Functions of UF Membranes Features of UF Membrane Module

Hollow fiber membranes like straw are used for UF membranes. Seawater is filtered from the outside to the inside of a membrane, resulting in clear seawater.

  • Pressurized-Type
  • Dead-End Filtration Method
  • Pore Size 0.01μm (Molecular Weight Cut-Off: 150 kDa)
  • Membrane area:72m²/unit
UF Membrane with High Durability and Foul Tolerance

The UF membrane is made of chemical tolerant PVDF and achieves high durability and water permeability. In addition, the world's first composite hollow fiber membrane structure led to low fouling and less clogging characteristics, enabling long-term consistent membrane filtration.