Summary of achievements

Three years of stable operation

The effectiveness of long-term operation for the integrated seawater desalination and sewage recycling system has been verified through continuous supply of consistent, high quality output water to the Shin-Kokura Thermal Power Plant of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. This system has been trouble-free in generating water over a period of approximately three years, from the start of full-scale operations in April 2011 through February 2014.

Energy and cost savings realized

The integrated system using sewage and RO effluent to dilute seawater for desalination has shown the ability to reduce water production costs by 30%, compared to conventional seawater desalination systems, while reducing energy consumption by 39%, well above NEDO's target rate of 30%.

Accumulated operating expertise

The addition of sanitizer to RO membrane processing has provided a practical solution to fouling issues, while clarifying bio-fouling activities specific to the integrated system. A variety of other expertise has been gained in regard to the long-term stable operation of UF membrane processing, along with the effects of microscopic foreign substances on membrane processing of sewage at MBR.

Information dissemination to domestic and overseas areas

Public relations for Water Plaza through various opportunities, including international fairs, exhibitions and seminars

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