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Japanese Language Class for Mums and Dads

The “Japanese Language Class for Mums and Dads” is a class for foreign mothers and fathers who are currently raising children in Japan. Every week on Wednesday at the Children's Activities Plaza in Kokurakita-ku there is a class for learning Japanese grammar. On Thursdays at the Com City building in Kurosaki in Yahatanishi-ku(Kurosaki 3-15-3, Yahatanishi-ku) there is a class for learning how to read and write kanji.
There is even a day care, so people with small children can participate with peace of mind. Also, the focus isn't limited to Japanese language learning, there are also consultation meetings and events about raising children.
If you’ve ever thought “I want to study Japanese, but I have small children so I can't attend classes.” or “I have concerns about raising children in Japan and want to consult with someone.” then this class is perfect for you.

Contact information:
Kitakyushu International Association
Tel: (093) 643-5931


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