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Kitakyushu City: Ten Resolutions for Raising Children

With the goal of improving education in homes and neighborhoods, the Kitakyushu Board of Education, having collected suggestions from the citizens of Kitakyushu, created the “Kitakyushu City: Ten Resolutions for Raising Children” for families and neighborhoods to use.

Let’s start with what we can do together, one step at a time.

●Say “good morning” with a bright smile.
●Say “thank you” and “I’m sorry” to everyone, including family members.
●Never forget to give your child the following: Praise, admonition, protection and lots of hugs.  
●Look children in the eyes while listening to them, and try to follow what they’re really saying.
●Make a home where meal time is fun.
●Treasure experiences more than material things.
●Parents must set an example by following the rules of society.
●Children are the treasure of a community, speak with them.
●Teach the value of peace, life and helping others.
●Talk to your children about dreams and goals.

Plus one resolution created by your family:
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