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Dispatch of Medical Interpretation Staff

The Kitakyushu International Association is currently dispatching interpreters to medical institutions.
The languages available are English, Chinese and Korean, and the cooperating hospital where interpreters can be dispatched is the Saiseikai Yahata General Hospital.
It may be possible to dispatch interpreters to different hospitals as well if the hospital in question puts out a request, so please consult with one of the organizations listed below.

Contact information:

Kitakyushu International Association
TEL: (093) 643-5931

【Chinese, Korean, English】
Foreign Information Center
TEL: (093) 643-6060

Dispatch of medical interpreters


International Policy Division,
Planning and Coordination Bureau,
1-1 Jonai, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu 803-8501 JAPAN
Tel: 093-582-2146
(International Calling +81-93-582-2146)
Fax: 093-582-2176