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The 23rd of every month is “No TV, No Video Games: Day of Reading”

Japan is aiming to promote children's reading activities. As part of the “law regarding the promotion of children's reading activity” announced on December 12th, 2001, it was decreed that April 23rd would be “Children's Reading Day”.
Also, as part of the “Kitakyushu Plan to Get Children Reading” which was put into effect in June, 2011, people in Kitakyushuare aiming to promote children’s reading activitiesthrough the mutual cooperation of households, schools, and public libraries.
Therefore, in Kitakyushu, along with “Children's Reading Day”, it was decided that every month on the 23rd will be “No TV, No Video Games: Day of Reading”.
Reading improves children's vocabulary, empathy, ability to express themselves and imagination while also expanding their knowledge.
On the 23rd of each month, you should turn off the TV, stop playing games, and read a book with your family!

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