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New Year's greetings

Happy New Year!

  This year we are aiming to make Kitakyushu City a city overflowing with prosperity and activity, along with taking initiatives that work toward revitalizing the regional economy and promoting culture and sports.
  In the field of everyday life, we aim to become "a town where one can experience the best in child rearing," while also promoting healthy life expectancy.
  We will also work on disaster prevention and crime prevention, aiming for a top-class safe and secure city in Japan.
  Furthermore, based on the "Ordinance to build a Kitakyushu City where discrimination based on disability is eliminated and everyone can live together" enacted at the end of last year, we aim to bring about a society where all citizens respect each other mutually.
  In the field of industry, we will proceed with business in the manufacturing field and in the environmental field, such as by demonstrating advanced nursing care by robots and establishing an offshore wind power generation base.
  We will further promote support for women and middle-aged and elderly people, as well as local employment of young people.
  In culture and sports, we will further refine the charm of our city through manga and film, promote Kitakyushu a culturally international city, promote the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games camp sites, and more.
  We will steadily work on administrative and fiscal reforms in order to establish a financial foundation that supports these initiatives.
  This year marks the 55th anniversary of the current municipal system.We will continue to make Kitakyushu City a city where you can live pleasantly with everyone.

Kenji Kitahashi

Mayor, City of Kitakyushu


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