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Please consult about COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

Updated: 19/2/2020

What is novel coronavirus?

A kind of cold caused by a virus. It is marked by throat pains and fever, along with many patients reporting a long-lasting cough (around a week) and a strong fatigue. The time period of dormancy from infection to start of symptoms can range from one day to twelve and a half days (for most, five or six days). It is said that the novel coronavirus is spread through droplets and close contact. Worsening of symptoms can lead to pneumonia, and there have been confirmed deaths, so please be careful. It is thought that the disease can more easily become severe for the elderly and those with pre-existing illnesses.

Everyday things you can do 

As basic precautions against infection, wash your hands and practice cough etiquette. If you have a pre-existing illness, or are elderly, avoid places were many people gather.
If you notice fever or other cold symptoms, please do not go to school or to work.
If you notice fever or other cold symptoms, take your temperature daily and keep a record of it.

Talk to the “Returnee/Close Contact Center” if you:

Have the following symptoms:
Symptoms of a cold and a fever of over 37.5°C continuing for 4 days or more (including when you have to continue taking medicine for it)
You feel very sluggish (fatigued) or have difficulty breathing
●For the elderly, diabetics, those with heart problems, and others, if the above symptoms continue for around two days

After consulting with the Center, if you are suspected of having coronavirus, you will be referred to a specialized outpatient clinic for
returnees and those who had close contact. When going to the clinic, please wear a mask and avoid taking public transit.


Worried about novel coronavirus?

Returnee/Close Contact Center (Novel Coronavirus Special Number)
093-522-8745 (24-hour reception)

Those with hearing impairments, please contact us by FAX: 093-522-8775
●Replies may be delayed at night, or during weekends and holiday.

This content may be updated as we learn more information.


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