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Garbage Separation & Collection

Designated Bag System

  • Currently in Kitakyushu City, household garbage, cans & glass bottles, “PET” bottles, and plastic containers/wrapping are collected separately.Please put the above mentioned items in the appropriately designated bags and place them in the designated collection spot by 8:30AM on the morning of the designated collection day.
  • The bags for household garbage are blue, the bags for cans & glass are brown, the bags for “PET” bottles are orange and the bags for plastic products are green.Proper designated garbage bags are sold in grocery stores and convenience stores.

    About how to dispose of garbage and how to divide it (YouTube)


The bags for household garbage
The bags for cans & glass
The bags for
The bags for plastic products


  • “Household garbage” or kitchen waste plus other miscellaneous everyday garbage is picked up (depending on the area)either on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.
  • Cans, glass bottles and “PET” bottles are collected every Wednesday.
  • Plastic items with a special logo designating them as recyclable are collected once a week on a day designated per one’s area of residence.


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