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Need advice for moving?

When moving house in Japan, there is not only packing your things and cleaning your apartment, you there is also a painful amount of procedure to go through to cancel your mobile phone contract, cut off the gas, electricity and water and the rest! This issue of Himawari will try to give you some good advice for navigating these tedious procedures. If you are moving soon, start now, just to be sure to not miss anything!

1)  Furniture, bedding, electrical appliances, bicycles etc.

For things that are still usable-

You have the option of selling these items to a recycle shop or privately advertising them on a message board for used goods. You can use KIA’s message board to advertise these unwanted items.

For things that must be disposed of-

Things that are covered under “Oversized Rubbish” by the city (Generally the list above excluding TVs, Fridges, Air-cons, and Washing machines), can be picked up as rubbish by the city.

When you have many items or would like to specify a day to have the rubbish picked up-

A week before you wish your rubbish picked up (Sat, Sun, New Year - not operating), call the “Oversized Rubbish” reception center on (093) 592-5300 and ask to apply for “Hikkoshi Gomi Shobun” (Moving house rubbish). After you have made the call a staff member from the center will come to your place, confirm the size and weight of the item/s you want to dispose of. It is a weight based system and you will be charged 2300yen per 100kgs. Once this is confirmed, on the morning of the collection day you can place the item/s in from of your home for collection.

When you have few items or you don’t need to specify a collection date-

“Oversized Rubbish” is collected on a schedule once a month in each different area of the city. You can apply to dispose of rubbish on these days via telephone or the internet. Once you have applied to dispose of the rubbish you can put it in front of your home on the collection date with an “Oversized Rubbish Payment Ticket” attached.

Contact details: “Oversized Rubbish Counter” - (093) 592-5300 (Phone up until the day prior to collection)

                       Counter operating hours - Mon-Sat 9:00-17:00

Internet registration should be concluded 3days prior to collection. Website below:          

※There is no refund available on the “Oversized Rubbish Payment Ticket” so please register before buying the required ticket.


Taking the rubbish to the factory yourself

You can take oversized rubbish to the factory for processing yourself, and will still be charged 100yen per 10kgs for your trouble. Certain items, depending on what they are and their size, will be unable to be accepted or have certain provisos, so make sure you check what is ok to bring beforehand.

Hiagari Factory・Oversized Rubbish Resource making center. 
Kokura Kita-ku, Nishi Minatomachi 96-2 Tel: 093-581-7976
Business hours Mon- Sat + Public Holidays 6:00~17:00 Sun 6:00~8:30
(Oversized Rubbish Resource making center operating hours Mon- Sat 8:25~17:00 only)

Shinmoji Factory
Moji-ku Shinmoji 3-79 Tel: 093-481-4727
Mon- Sat + Public Holidays 6:00~21:00 Sun 6:00~8:30、17:00~21:00
Kougasaki Factory. Yahata Nishi-ku,Yubaru-machi2-1 Tel: 093-642-6731
Mon- Sat + Public Holidays 6:00~21:00 Sun 6:00~8:30、17:00~21:00

2. Air-con, TV, Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machines

The city will not pick up these 4 types of electrical appliance so you will have to pay the recycling fee and transportation to a store to have them pick it up for your, or pay the recycling fee directly to a post office and then take the item/s to the recycling factory yourself.

Recycling center:
Nishi Nihon Electrical Recycling Pty Ltd.
 Kitakyushu City, Wakamatsu-ku, Hibiki Machi, 1chome, Lot 62 Tel: 093-752-2424
Mon-Sat、8:30~12:00、13:15~16:30 (13th till 15th Aug, 21st Dec- 4th Jan are holidays)

3. Changing your car rego address, changing the car to someone else’s name or taking the car out of service.

Fukuoka Department of Transport, Kitakyushu Vehicle Registration Office
Tel: 093-473-0481 24 hour telephone service 093-475-5300

※When putting a car out of service, the owner will receive a refund of the vehicular tax so you should contact the prefectural tax office regarding this.

Kitakyushu East Prefectual Tax office (Moji-ku, Kokura Kita-ku, Kokura Minami-ku) Tel: 093-592-3511 

Kitakyushu West Prefectual Tax office (Wakamatsu-ku, Yahata Higashi-ku, Yahata Nishi-ku, Tobata-ku) Tel: 093-662-9310

4. Withdrawal from National health care and pension plans.

Those residents of Japan that are entered into the national health insurance must return their insurance card to their nearest ward office’s “national health and pension section”. Those who have worked for more than 6months, upon returning their insurance card and withdrawing from the pension plan, will receive a part of this money back. Please see your local ward office’s “national health and pension section” or ask about this program at the Kyushu Pension Center on (093) 645-6200

Ward Office Address Tel
Moji  〒801-8510 Moji-ku Kiyotaki 1chome 1-1 093-331-1881
Kokura Kita 〒803-8510 Kokura Kita-ku, Ootemachi 1-1 093-582-3311
Kokura Kita 〒802-8510 Kokura Minami-ku, Wakazono 5chome 1-2 093-951-4111
Wakamatsu 〒808-8510 Wakamatsu-ku, Hamamachi, 1chome 1-1  093-761-5321
Yahata Higashi 〒805-8510 Yahata Higashi-ku, Chuo, 1chome 1-1  093-671-0801 
Yahata Nishi 〒806-8510 Yahata Nishii-ku, Tsutsui 15-1 093-642-1441 
Tobata 〒804-8510 Tobata-ku, Shinike, 1chome 1-1 093-871-1501

 Every week on Thursdays (Public holidays exluded), each ward office will open for specific services including the above item until 7pm.

5. Disconnecting water services

Water services customer service center Tel (093) 582-3031 (Mon-Sat, 8:30-19:00)

6. Disconnecting gas services

Saibu Gas

※The contact number for each of the regional offices will depend on the area that you live in, so please check your receipt for details.

Propane gas

Each apartment will have a different vendor to supply the apartment with propane. You will have to check your receipts for the contact details of your vendor

7. Disconnecting electricity services

Kyushu Electric Kokura Office 0120-986-101、

Yahata Office 0120-986-102 (Mon-Fri、9:00~17:00)

8. Other

Home Telephone: NTT West Japan Tel: 116

Mobile Phone: Go to your mobile companies nearest store

Newspaper deliveries: Go to the store/office where you made the original contract for delivery.

Internet: Contact your Internet Service Provider

Drivers license: There is no specific procedure for canceling your license, however if you want to keep your license it will need to be renewed.

 Even if you are a bit late you should try to get the above procedures finished up about 4-5days before moving. After you have cleaned your room, and removed your belongings, return the apartment key to the landlord or their representative. You may find that these procedures are ludicrous in their complexity but as the Japanese saying “Tatsu Tori Ato wo Nigosazu” goes, those leaving a place should always be able to look back on their departure without remorse. Please clean up after yourselves and leave Japan or move apartments on good terms!


International Policy Division,
Planning and Coordination Bureau,
1-1 Jonai, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu 803-8501 JAPAN
Tel: 093-582-2146
(International Calling +81-93-582-2146)
Fax: 093-582-2176