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Professional Consultation for Non-native Residents

The following free consultation services will be offered at the Kitakyushu International Association located in yahatahigashi-ku, hirano-machi:

  • free legal counseling with a lawyer

(labor issues, residence, marriage, divorce, naturalization, human rights issues and other problems to be settled through the law)

4th Saturday of every month 13:30-16:30

  • free counseling by a clinical psychologist

(social concerns and stress-related problems)

4th Saturday of every month 9:30-12:30

  • immigration, residence and nationality-related consultation with a notary

(bringing family into Japan, changes in residence qualification, changes in period of residence, reentry, working outside visa restrictions, permanent residence, foreigner registration, international marriage, issues about nationality)

3rd Sunday of every month 13:00-16:00


  • Only the first 3 people to arrive (or reserve in advance by phone) will be accepted for the legal and psychological counseling services.
  • Only those who need an interpreter must reserve in advance for the immigration/residence/nationality-related consultation services.




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